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We give more focus on design and implementation as this is essential part in contact center and customer care industry. The proper design and execution would play a vital part in the success of any project.
application support
In being modest the technology that we try to implement, we need to discover a short, alternative, packet switched, worldwide network. We can keep the current circuit switched network too; but we need both.

In terms of architecture, we need a high-speed, congestion-free, always reliable, friction-free, packet switched, big bandwidth, data friendly network that is universally available, competitively priced, and capable of driving our economy to new heights. " We need a data network that can easily carry voice, instead of what we have today, a voice network struggling to carry data.

But the key congestion points of the Internet aren't effectively open to competition. Demand goes unsatisfied. Data, including fax, is the fastest growing segment of telecommunications traffic. But we're not yet able to use the Internet to promote local competition with the Telephone Company. And Internet businesses aren't yet able to provide the highly reliable, high-bandwidth services needed to drive the Internet from here to ubiquity. Then, being the professionals that they are, Customer's Data Processing people sent the tapes to Vendor and paid a lot of money to have them loaded and verified. Vendor actually had to assemble a big enough machine and restore and run the system on it.     

Here we take responsibility to ensure your solution delivers the required outcomes. Our proven expertise and business model is based on our experience with many successful implementations. Our team of technical experts work in-house to deliver the best solutions that meet your requirements. Or we provide specialist expertise to trusted partners implementing knowledge and process management as part of a broader solution. Our service offerings make sure that your solution continues to provide the required benefits - business, technical or both - long after the initial implementation.
key areas
  • .24/7 Application Data Support
  • Support specialization in UNIX/Mainframes Area
  • Functional Application Batch Job Support
  • Inhouse support software with Escalation mechanisms
  • Trouble shooting and Break Fix
  • Application Data Change Management
  • Data Entry
  • Indexing
  • Data Digitization
  • Data Integration
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