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We give more focus on design and implementation as this is essential part in contact center and customer care industry. The proper design and execution would play a vital part in the success of any project.
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The blurring of lines between corporate IT and consumer technology will allow employees to drive IT innovation in the future, and this "consumerisation" will lower costs and improve functionality.     

Changing markets, increased supplier sophistication and ever-present competitive pressures mean that innovation has become key to delivering sustained profitable growth. Most companies recognize this, but the success rate of innovation programmers remains questionable.     

It's critical to get a good business model of your software application (What are the business requirements of the software?) before you create a technical model (How does the software function to meet the business requirements?). Creating a good business model is what you do before you create that great UML model, and both are big secrets of success.
  • Focus
  • Objective, Outside third party
  • Dedicated Time
  • Flexible Resources
  • Long time Commitment
  • Affordable and Best Quality Software
  • Quicker decisions and Target oriented
  • Moderation method , portfolio method work techniques
  • Continuous training and Education on recent technologies as
    they evolve
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